Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Is The Best Price For Brute Force EVO 2?


I am offering one-off CASH BACK BONUSES of $150, $100, and $30 if you sign up for Brute Force SEO EVO II using the link below. See below for details **

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Sign up using this link to be eligible for the Cashback Bonuses and a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL OF BRUTE FORCE EVO 2.

The standard price for EVO 2 for the general public is $157 per month, but with the link above, you get these ADDITIONAL BONUS EVO 2 subscription offers:

1. Two year subscription - $997 (approx $42 per month).
** You will receive a CASH BACK BONUS of $150 sent to your Paypal account at the end of your 7 day trial if you pay for this subscription.

2. One year subscription - $797 (approx $67 per month)
** You will receive a CASH BACK BONUS of $100 sent to your Paypal account at the end of your 7 day trial if you pay for this subscription.

** If you pay for the standard monthly subscription of $157, you will receive a CASH BACK BONUS of $30 sent to your Paypal account at the end of your 7 day trial.


** REMEMBER, to claim your cashback bonus, please clear your cookies first, click the link below, then send your purchase receipt to dariagroup[at] **

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brute Force SEO Evolution II NEW VIDEO

If you are new here then check out my last post on the different price/cost options for Brute Force Evo II which is being released on November 18th.

OK, a new video has just been released about BruteForceSEO Evo II that explains what it does better than I ever could...

*** See The New Evo II Video Here ***

...and apparently you can add your details on the video page, so that you get on the VIP advance notification list for the launch...

Monday, November 2, 2009

BruteForceSEO Evo II Release Date Announced Plus Pricing Options

OK, today I want to share some VERY interesting information that has come to hand. A release date has been announced for Evo II and there are also a few other interesting tidbits that I want to share.

The release date for BruteForceSEO Evo II has been announced...

18 November, 2009 just over 2 weeks to go.

Peter Drew, the software creator, has announced some MAJOR pricing discounts for Evo II that I wasn't expecting. This has kind of TURNED UPSIDE DOWN my initial recommendation to sign up for Linking Loophole first...

So, what I'm going to do is lay out all of the different pricing options for you from smallest savings to BIGGEST savings...and then you can choose which you think is going to suit you the best (if any at all).

Option 1: Full Price - $157 per month
With this option, you can sign up for a free trial of BFSEO Evo II for 7 days, and then continue at $157 per month if you are happy with what the software can do.

Option 2: My Original Recommendation - $137 per month
My original recommendation was to sign up to Linking Loophole first, then wait for an email from Peter which would offer you the cheaper upgrade to the full BruteForceSEO software (Evo II) of $137 per month. I'm not 100% sure how long this option will be valid for.

Option 3: One Year Subscription - approx $67 per month
This is something I just heard about today. When you sign up for Evo II here, instead of paying a monthly fee, you will receive a ONE TIME OFFER to join for a 1 year or 2 year subscription. The 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION OFFER will cost you $797, which works out to approx. $67 per month. This is a saving over 1 year of $1087.

Option 4: Two Year Subscription - approx $42 per month
OK, this one just BLEW ME AWAY! If you sign up for Evo II and take up the ONE TIME OFFER of a 2 year subscription then you pay $997. This works out to approx $42 per month, and is a saving of $2771 over 2 years.

So there you have it...

If you have serious backlinking requirements, then you should sign up for the FREE 7 day trial here, and then go with either Option 3 or 4.

If you're more cautious and just want to try it out for a while, then sign up for the 7 day trial and then make your decision.

(Apparently, a little birdie told me that if you skip the initial ONE TIME OFFER to join for 1 year at $797, but later change your can still pick up a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION via the forum, but it will then cost you $997 for 1 year.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So What Is Brute Force SEO Evo II ?

Today I'd like to tell you what BruteForceSEO Evo II is all about, and explain how you can get it cheaper if you are interested in subscribing.

BruteForce SEO Evolution II (Evo II) is simply the name given to the new version of Peter Drew's existing software suite called BruteForceSEO. This software has been around for a while now, and has made many website owners very happy because of it's ability to increase website rankings while also saving considerable amounts of time.

The original Brute Force SEO software consists of separate modules that simply the process of creating backlinks to your webpages with submissions to high authority web 2.0 websites, rss directories, social bookmarking websites, article directories and video directories.

Brute Force SEO Evo II takes the original software to a whole new level of power and automation.

Check out this video preview of the stage 1 beta release here:

With BFSEO Evo 2 you can perform two main functions:

1. Create A Massive Number Of Accounts On Auto-Pilot
Push a button and the software will go out and create accounts on all of the RSS, Social Bookmarking, Article and Video websites. It will automatically solve captchas and automatically confirm all of the confirmation emails. Once the accounts have been created it will provide you with a list of URLs and RSS URLs for each account, and load these into the software ready for the next step.

These newly created accounts can then be exported or imported as required (for later use).

2. Auto-Submit Using A Simple Wizard-Style Interface
OK, imagine this...

You click on the START button, and tell the software the following:

a. URL of the webpage you are promoting
b. The main keyword phrase you want to rank for
c. The related semantic keyword phrases or tags
d. The RSS feed URL for the webpage you are promoting
e. YouTube video to help promote webpage
f. Articles to help promote webpage
g. Which High Authority Web 2.0 sites to submit to (approx 10 to select from)
h. Which High Page Rank websites to submit to (from Angela's backlinks - this is the Linking Loophole product which is also available as a separate subscription, but is included in Evo II. Check below to see why I recommend signing up for Linking Loophole instead of Evo II at this point in time)

Then you click GO...

...and what that means is you can then GO away and do other important stuff, while BruteForce SEO Evo II takes care of all your backlinking requirements on AUTO-PILOT.

It AUTOMATICALLY goes to each website
It AUTOMATICALLY logs in to your accounts
It AUTOMATICALLY creates backlinks on high authority and high page rank websites
It AUTOMATICALLY submits your articles to the major article directories
It AUTOMATICALLY submits your video to the most important video directories
It AUTOMATICALLY submits the newly created RSS feeds to the top RSS directories
It AUTOMATICALLY bookmarks everything

Minimize the window, and do something else on your PC...

...or sit in amazement as Evo II does it's thing.

You can even have 3 instances of the software running at the same time...for THREE TIMES the power!!!

When Will BruteForceSEO Evo II Be Ready?
The beta-testers are getting ready to receive the Stage 1 Beta Release of Evo II soon, so that they can put it through it's paces. Depending on how many bugs are found, it could be anywhere from two weeks to two months before it is officially released...

How Do I Subscribe To BFSEO Evo II?
You can't currently subscribe to the BruteForceSEO Evo II product. The salespage is currently saying 'You Are Too Late' and you have to go on a waiting list...


If you subscribe to another of Peter Drew's products called Linking Loophole (which is being included in Evo II) then you can bypass the waiting list.

But the real kicker is that you will also be offered a cheaper price for BruteForceSEO than if you wait and buy Evo II when it is finally released to the public.

Just subscribe to the $1, 5 day trial of Linking Loophole here and wait for your email offering you the cheaper upgrade.

I'll give my Brute Force SEO Evo II review in the next sure to check it out!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Brute Force SEO Evo II Review (Coming Soon)

I'm going to be giving my review of Peter Drew's Brute Force SEO Evo II software on this blog.

Today is October 2nd, 2009 and BruteForceSEO Evo II is scheduled for beta testing within the next week or so. All things going well (and if there aren't too many bugs found) it should be released to Joe & Jane Public within a couple of weeks of beta testing.

Why Am I Doing This?
Although it's not something I like to admit, I don't usually stay with many programs that I subscribe to for longer than one month. Sometimes I don't even make it past the free trial period!

I just find that most of the subscription programs either don't live up to what I expected, or they require a lot more work than the sales page implied, or they are just too darn expensive!

I'm currently a subscriber to another piece of software in Peter Drew's arsenal called BruteForceSEO Linking Loophole which is basically Angela's Backlinks on Auto-Pilot.

When I subscribed to this, I went in with the same expectation that it would probably end up disappointing me, and I'd have to continue my search for easy higher rankings somewhere else. But it came with a $1, 5 day I gave it a go!

And I am so glad I did. I'm seeing higher rankings using only this software, and the fact that it auto-creates accounts and posts your links on the some of the sites in Angela's Backlinks is amazing! It also saves a ton of time, because it runs on auto-pilot, with captchas automatically taken care of.

So, for once in my life, I'm happy to say that I will be keeping my subscription into Month 2! Yippee! The fact that it's only $39.50 per month probably helps too! It doesn't break the bank.

So I'm impressed with Peter's Linking Loophole software, and since this is going to be included in Evo II, I'm waiting in anticipation to try it out.

A Big Hint For You (Which Will Probably Get Me In Trouble)
If you want to get a cheaper price for the BruteForceSEO Evo 2 subscription once it's released, I recommend you join up to the Linking Loophole $1, 5 day trial first, because Peter will give you a better price than you'll find on the Evo II sales page (which is just a waiting list at the moment).

I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to join up to Linking Loophole before the BFSEO Evo II release date to get the special price.

If you want to try out Linking Loophole for the $1, 5 day trial then you might want to join through my unashamed affiliate link here:

Join Linking Loophole Here

Next time, I'll explain more about what's included in BruteForceSEO Evo II and how it can totally change the way you handle your backlinking in the future.